Current Affairs - Sep 7, 2018

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Pakistan to become 5th Largest Nuclear State

  • The current state of nuclear warhead distribution across the globe - 
  1. Russia - 6850
  2. United States - 6550
  3. France - 300
  4. China - 280
  5. United Kingdom - 215
  6. Pakistan - 145
  7. India - 135
  8. Israel - 80
  9. North Korea- 15
  • According to reports, Pakistan is developing several nuclear weapons delivery systems, four plutonium production reactor, and its uranium enrichment facilities are further expanding.
  • Pakistan's current 145 nuclear warheads are already way above US Defense Intelligence Agency prediction and its stockpile is expected to increase to 220 to 250 by 2025 (surpassing the United Kingdom) if its current proliferation trend continues.
  • Its nuclear program seeks to create a full-spectrum deterrent that is designed not only to respond to nuclear attacks but also to counter an Indian conventional incursion onto Pakistani territory.

Swadesh Darshan Scheme

  • It is one of the flagship schemes of Ministry of Tourism for development of thematic circuits in the country in a planned and prioritised manner.
  • It is a central sector scheme.
  • The following thematic circuits have been identified, for development namely North-East India Circuit, Buddhist Circuit, Himalayan Circuit, Coastal Circuit, Krishna Circuit, Desert Circuit, Tirtankar circuit, Tribal Circuit, Eco Circuit, Wildlife Circuit, Rural Circuit, Spiritual Circuit, Sufi circuit, Ramayana Circuit and Heritage Circuit.
  • It is different from "PRASAD" scheme of Ministry of Tourism.
  • National Mission on Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual Augmentation Drive (PRASAD) focus on development and beautification of the identified pilgrimage destinations.

Nari Shakti Puraskar

  • It is the Highest Civilian Honour for women in India.
  • It is the national level award given by the Ministry of Women and Child Development on eminent women and institutions in recognition of their service towards the cause of women empowerment.
  • The Puraskars are open to all Indian Institutions, organisations, and individuals.
  • It is conferred every year on the occasion of International Women’s Day.
  • The Ministry of Women & Child Development has recently invited nominations for the Nari Shakti Puraskars.

One-Liners for Preliminary Exams

  • National Board for Wildlife (NBWL) is soon expected to deliver the fate of the controversial Hubballi–Ankola railway line. It is been opposed because will claim nearly 1,300 acres of pristine forest land apart from the cutting of 1.73 lakh trees, spanning three elephant corridors in Dharwad, Yellapur, and Karwar.
  • The world is ready to celebrate 52nd Internat,onal teracy Day on September 8, is an opportunity for governments, civil society and stakeholders to highlight improvements in world literacy rates. 
  • China launched a marine satellite to help improve the understanding of maritime waters and climate change. A Long March-2C rocket carrying the ‘HY-1C satellite’ was launched from China. The satellite will help monitor ocean colour and water temperatures, providing basic data for research on the global oceanic environment.

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