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Current Affairs - Sep 19, 2018

current affairs

e-Sahaj for Security Clearance

  • e-Sahaj is a portal launched by the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • It will enable individuals and private companies to submit the application for security clearances and view its status online.
  • The Home ministry is the nodal authority for granting security clearances in certain sensitive sectors.

India Bangladesh Friendship Pipeline Project

  • India-Bangladesh has launched construction of 130 km long India Bangladesh Friendship Pipeline Project.
  • It will supply 2.5 lakh tonnes of refined diesel yearly to Parbatipur depot from Numaligarh of Assam in India, later it will be increased to 4 lakh tonnes.
  • The project cost is estimated to be Rs. 346 crore and to be completed in 30 months.
  • 6 km of the pipeline is to be constructed on Indian side while remaining 124 kilometers will in Bangladesh.

Akash Missile Procurement 

  • Defense Acquisition Council has approved the procurement of new upgraded Akash Missile System.
  • Defense Acquisition Council (DAC) was set up in 2001, it is headed by Defense Minister.
  • DAC is the apex defense procurements decision-making body in India.
  • These upgraded Akash Missiles are indigenously built Short Range Surface to Air Missile (SRSAM) System by Bharat Dynamics Limited.
  • Akash missile was developed by DRDO under Integrated Guided Missile Development Program
  • It has a range of 25 km and can engage multiple targets (fighter jets and other incoming missiles) at a time in all weather conditions. 

India and Germany Pact

  • India and Germany have signed a memorandum of agreement (MoA) to focus on the field of dual vocational education and training and skill development.
  • Under the MoA, students who complete specific training courses in India will get a certificate that is recognized in India and in Germany too.
  • These students can apply for jobs in India and also in Germany.

Cooling Action Plan

  • India became world's first country to have documented Cooling Action Plan, developed and released by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change.
  • India Cooling Action Plan aims to provide sustainable cooling while keeping in mind, at the same time, the need to protect the ozone layer from substances that can deplete it. 
  • It was released earlier on Ozone Day i.e. 16 September.
  • The goals emerging from the suggested interventions stated in ICAP are:
    (i) Recognition of “cooling and related areas” as a thrust area of research under national science and technology programme to support the development of technological solutions and encourage innovation challenges,
    (ii) Reduction of cooling demand across sectors by 20% to 25 % by the year 2037-38,
    (iii) Reduction of refrigerant demand by 25% to 30% by the year 2037-38,
    (iv) Reduction of cooling energy requirements by 25% to 40% by the year 2037-38, and
    (v) Training and certification of 100,000 servicing sector technicians by the year 2022-23, in synergy with Skill India Mission. 
  • The broad objectives of the India Cooling Action Plan include -
    (i) Assessment of cooling requirements across sectors in next 20 years and the associated refrigerant demand and energy use,
    (ii) Map the technologies available to cater the cooling requirement including passive interventions, refrigerant-based technologies and alternative technologies such as not-in-kind technologies,
    (iii) Suggest interventions in each sector to provide for sustainable cooling and thermal comfort for all,
    (iv) Focus on skilling of RAC service technicians, and
    (v) Develop an R&D innovation ecosystem for indigenous development of alternative technologies.
  • "Keep Cool and Carry on”: The Montreal Protocol is the theme of 24th World Ozone Day celebrations. 
  • The Montreal Protocol is the only environmental treaty which enjoys universal ratification of 197 UN numbers countries. 
  • The Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer has been recognized as the most successful international environment treaty in history.


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